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Our goal is to network the Omaha/Council Bluffs/Lincoln and surrounding areas in regards to all things Natural Parenting and Natural Living to help create a community full of support and education for like-minded parents.

Who We Are

Omaha Area Natural Parents is your one stop place for locating local natural parenting and natural living resources in the Omaha, Council Bluffs and Lincoln Area. Check our local resources for recommended Doula’s, Pregnancy/Childbirth/Breastfeeding classes, playgroups/mommy support groups, alternative healthcare, natural healthy restaurants and more. We also advertise local events and classes – please see our event calendar!

We also discuss natural parenting topics and encourage comments from anyone no matter where you are on the “natural’ spectrum. This means we will be posting alternatives to what the mainstream prescribes. Topics will include exclusive and long-term breastfeeding, attachment parenting, intactivsm, vaccines, alternative health, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, gentle discipline, lactivism, homeschooling, natural pregnancy, natural birth, green living, car seat safety, and more. All of our articles are posted to educate and inform you. Some topics are controversial, but we do not want to avoid discussing them. We cannot withhold facts for fear of offending because the importance of the information outweighs people’s right to not be challenged in their beliefs. Please feel free to post your comments and share your thoughts.

We also have a discussion forum, with dozens of topics regarding everything natural parenting/natural living. Come chat with us!

Please see Our Beliefs statement.

We are so glad you are here!

Meet the OANP Team


Katie Hines – Founder and Director – Networking, Website Editor and Event CoordinatorOANP website picture

Hi I am Katie! I founded OANP in Dec 2010 because I saw a need to network the Omaha area so other moms could find the support they need. I am 32 and I have been married to my wonderful husband Ryan for a little over 3 years. We have a 3 year old daughter named Ellie and a 4 month old son named Fenix. Before I had my daughter I was just like every mainstream mom out there. My birth was intervention-filled and I was threatened with a c/s but luckily did not! After having my daughter and meeting some wonderful, inspirational moms on Facebook my views started to change rapidly! Some things came to me instinctively such as breastfeeding and co-sleeping. Breastfeeding didn’t come easily though and without the support of my husband and LC I don’t think I could’ve done it. I weaned Ellie at 28.5 months due to my pregnancy with Fenix. Fenix was my homebirth baby. You can find my birth story on this site in the ‘My Journey’ section. Both my kids and I both have MSPI so I am familiar with that struggle too. I am an intactivist, lactivist, and vactivist. I am very much into alternative health especially chiropractic (we love Dr. Kate Hansen!). We use holistic remedies for everything including herbal, homeopathy, aromatherapy and others. It is amazing how they all work and I don’t have to worry about side effects. We eat 85% organic and/or local. I will be homeschooling my children as they get older. I advocate for birth choice, natural birth, doula’s, midwives, homebirth and chiropractic care for the entire family. I am passionate about gentle disicipline/peaceful parenting. We love to babywear, bed-share and use cloth diapers. We drive a Prius – look for the one with a bunch of AP stickers on the bumper! My DD is still rear-facing at 3 years old too. I love the community that OANP has created and all the wonderful people I have met along the way. I look forward to continuing to build this community and extend more education and support to area families!

Amanda Kuehmichel – Co-Director and Giveaway/Fundraising CoordinatorIMG_0736

My name is Amanda and I live in Bellevue with my husband Ben and two beautiful daughters Aleah who is 3 and Eliana who is 1. We moved here from Wisconsin in 2011 after my husband was hired by Google. Our journey to natural living began due to me having severe migraines. As we worked through cleaning up our lives it became a no brainer that I wanted a natural birth. Aleah was a natural unmedicated birth with a family Dr. We knew that we wanted to research vaccines and has a result of that didn’t begin any vax’s with Aleah until she turned 1. She has had one 3 part series of vax’s and has remained unvaxed otherwise. When I got pregnant with Ellie I decided to see the midwives and had a natural birth with her. Ellie is completely unvaxed. I have had 4 devastating miscarriages and am working with Dr. Mallory Rupp who is a Chiropractic Internist to get my progesterone levels up. I love having the option to treat this in a natural way. We eat as much organic food as possible including grass fed organic beef. We bedshare, breastfeeding, baby led weaning, cloth diapering, babywearing, and are a non-vaxing family. I am thankful for everything we have learned along this journey and look forward to learning more.

Jennifer Penick – LPN, Doula, Midwife-in-Training, and Carseat Safety Technician486042_10151354943854362_1945774725_n

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I’ve been married to my husband Adam since October 2001. I moved to Omaha from Georgia in 1999 for college, but I grew up military so have lived all over the world. I am a non-practicing Doula right now and became a Licensed Practical Nurse in 2011. I’m currently working towards my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then will go on to my Master’s of Nursing to become a Certified Nurse Midwife. My kids are AJ-10, Evan-8, Ilana-6, and Olivia-4 and Unity was born August 2012! AJ was born via cesarean after an unnecessary induction and the otheres were all born via VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). I had a wonderful home waterbirth with my last. We are a co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, non-vaccinating, baby-wearing, trying to be crunchy family. I’ve also been a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (carseat technician) since 2006. It’s something I’m very passionate about and I love to help others! I’m also the Treasurer of our local ICAN of Omaha (International Cesarean Awareness Network). I run the Omaha MSPI Support Group board here on facebook as well since all of my kids have had multiple food intolerances and allergies. I’m extremely familiar with diet changes for allergies, including the Dr. Sears Total Elimination Diet. We also have 2 wonderful cats, Arnold and Tigger who will both be 12 this year! It’s so great to be here to help others and to keep learning myself.

Kelly Cunningham – Graphics and DesignKelly Cunningham

My name is Kelly and I live in Bellevue. I am married to the man of my dreams, Conrad. He and I used to spend a lot of time hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, swimming, crafting, camping, playing musical instruments, spelunking, wake boarding, snowboarding, and anything else that sounded fun! When we had our first son Maddox, born April of 2011, some of those things got put on hold for their lack of “baby-friendliness” but we plan on continuing those activities as our child grows.

I am currently a stay at home mom, but I have worked in child care and at a rock climbing wall in the past. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UNO in December 2011. I had planned on going back to school for my Masters in School Psychology, but I am more interested in becoming a Lactation Consultant now! Although we never planned on following a certain style of parenting, we ran across the attachment parenting style and said “Hey, we do all that stuff” and more haha. We carry our son, breastfeed, use cloth diapers, practice elimination communication (starting at 9 months) and baby led weaning, try to eat organic as much as we can, left our son intact, did some vaccines, and bedshare. We also like to garden but usually end up with way too much produce!

Megan Rayer – Human Resources, Babywearing Expert, Cloth Diapering Expert196746_10150107451482335_7746816_n

Hi! My name is Megan, and I am Mommy to Carson, who is 4, and wife to my husband Thomas. We were married 10/27/07 on the beach in Hawaii, and Carson was born on our first anniversary– 10/27/08! My path to a more green lifestyle started with Carson. I decided that I wanted to cloth diaper. I had a great newborn stash ready to go, but he surprised us by being 11 pounds and 3 ounces, so none fit! We started cloth diapering by 3 months, and I just loved it! It saved money and it was so much healthier than chemical laden disposables! I started reviewing different diapers on my blog, which led to teaching some cloth diapering classes. I also took a big interest in babywearing, and taught some classes on that, too. Along the way, we started picking up other green habits. We are a mostly chemical free household, and I make most of our cleaning agents. We stopped using paper napkins and paper towels and switched to all cloth. We do our best to buy local and organic, and try to cut down on processed foods. We delayed vaccinations, and we like to try natural methods for about anything! I am definitely not the “crunchiest”, but what we do works for us, and I’m always interested in learning more!

Jessie Goodwin – Workshop Coordinator and DoulaIMG_3024

I am a mommy to three cool kids and I’m in love with their amazing dad. My son was born 10 years ago after an induction and epidural. His birth led me down the path of natural and attachment parenting. I enjoyed breastfeeding, babywearing, cosleeping, and baby led weaning. My daughter was born naturally 16 months later. After her birth and watching my son suffer from allergies, I started researching vaccines. We are now a non vaccinating family. I also found the love of cloth diapers at this time! 5 years later, my youngest daughter was born. She was born via csection and made me realize that after having three completely different births, I truly wanted to support other moms through their pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond. I am now a birth and postpartum Doula and love every second of it! Besides being a (mostly) stay at home mom and doula, I enjoy setting up workshops for OANP, swimming, reading, playing outside, and watching movies/documentaries. I’m very passionate about natural childbirth and educating others on natural parenting. I am starting the process of becoming a child birth educator and my family and I are starting our journey of eating natural/ organic foods.

Margo – Playdate CoordinatorCIMG579455(2)

Hi! My name is Margo and I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My, wonderful and supportive, husband and I moved to Omaha last November. We met in the beginning on my undergrad when I was studying Psychology. I then went on to receive my Master’s in Child and Adolescent Counseling Psychology. I enjoy hiking, crafting, trying out new recipes, reading, board games, animal rescue, anything outdoors, and exploring Omaha. My husband and I have five cats and welcomed our son, Declan, into this world on Christmas Day, 2013. OANP was one of the first groups I found upon moving to Omaha and I’m so happy to have found it! Educating yourself on all of the options and then deciding what works best for you, and your family, is so important. This is why OANP is great, it has a myriad of sources spanning a variety of issues all in one place. After trying very hard and meeting with several LCs and IBLCs, I exclusively pump breast milk for our son. We babywear, cloth diaper, delay and selectively vaccinate, believe in our son’s right to be intact, and follow a plant based diet.


Jenny – Event Calendar & Resource Listjenny

I’m a married stay at home mama of one precious little boy. I was lucky enough to marry my high school sweetheart about 2 1/2 years ago. We came into attachment parenting totally by accident, as we were practicing attachment parenting principles before we even knew what it was! As a natural/attachment parent I practice breastfeeding, cloth diapering, cosleeping, baby wearing, some baby led weaning… I also make all of my own cleaning products and laundry detergent! I finally have the space for a huge garden and now I am obsessed with it!

Sandra – Facebook Moderator381379_10150450059295882_212704468_n

I am a mother to a 2 year old son and wife to my husband of 3 years. I am a stay at home mom with a little geeky side business that I do when everyone is sleeping – my only chance for peace and quiet! My son was premature, so I had to become an exclusive pumper (EP). We tried, without success, to breastfeed on several occasions with the assistance of an IBCLC. We EP’d for 11 months! In addition to EP, we also cloth diaper/wipe, babywear, and delay vaccinations. I’m the only moderator who doesn’t LIVE in/near Omaha! I am actually in Tampa, FL. I lived in Omaha for my whole life until I met my husband, and after we were married, we were sent to Florida for 4 years. We plan on returning (hopefully!) back to Omaha in June of 2014, but we make several visits a year back to the area until that time.

Jeanie – Facebook ModeratorJeannie Gutheil Bykerk 7-12 B76I8667

Married 7 years now, 3 kiddos 13, 12, and baby Kenny was born in May 2012! We breastfeed, baby wear, cloth diaper, gentle parenting, do Baby-Led Weaning, do not vaccinate, left Kenny whole, rarely anyone in the family ever goes to the doctor (we try natural/herbal first) and co-sleep. We use unpaper towels and natural cleaning solutions, recycle as much as humanly possible, and have 15 chickens that supply us and anyone who asks with eggs. In the spring/summer we have a very large garden. I am a vegetarian but the rest of the family eats meat so we buy all grassfed beef from Pawnee Pride, I know the animals are well taken care of and the meat is great according to everyone. We have four dogs and three cats that were all rescue, we have big hearts :-)

Jenn D – Facebook Moderatormommy

I am married going on two years this november but have been with my husband since November of 2009. We have one daughter that we welcomed to the world in December of 2010 and will be welcoming another amazing baby in September of this year. We tend to go natural before going to a Dr. We did vaccinate our daughter but went a bit slower and left a few out that I felt we didn’t need. We baby wear, cloth diaper and breastfeed. We grow an orangic garden in the spring/summer.

Jamie – Facebook ModeratorFamily Photo

I am married to an amazing man who is also my baby daddy as he so lovingly puts it. We’ve been married for 4 years and just had our first daughter last February. I am a preschool teacher with an undergraduate degree in Inclusive Early Childhood Education and a Masters degree in Child Development. We believe in attachment parenting and we are natural in many ways including opting out of vaccinations and getting all of our meat from Husker Home Foods. We enjoy babywearing, cosleeping, breastfeeding, making our own baby food, cloth diapers, and cloth wipes. We have been making our own cleaning solution for a while, and just recently I have decided to try my hand at making my own laundry detergent… so hopefully it goes well.

Nadia – Facebook Moderator menew

My name is Nadia and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising majoring in Visual Communications, so I love to paint, craft, decorate, anything artsy. 6 months before graduating I met the man of my dreams… a man like no other California boy… Patrick Morris, thats because he was from Omaha, NE. We got pregnant and didn’t know anything about natural/attachment parenting. I saw an OBGYN until he started throwing around the words “c-section” and “induction by due date” We lucked out because we were taking Bradley Method classes and our teacher had 6 children, all born at home so she introduced me to her DEM. Our son was born on January 1st, 2010 at 12:05am on our bathroom floor. Happy New Year! Amazing experience! Patrick finally convinced me to move to Omaha last May (2012) because he didn’t want to raise his children in such a fast-paced, congested and somewhat dangerous city. I miss my Mom but at least my sister moved with us. Our second son, Paxan was also born at home last month! Our journey to natural/attachment parenting has been a slow process but we have followed our instincts. We made the mistake of circumcising and vaccinating our 1st (up to a year) but won’t be doing any of that to our 2nd. I make all my own cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, we don’t eat any processed food and try to eat as much organic food as possible. We eat mainly a plant-based diet and use animal products as garnish vs the main entree. One of my proudest moments is hearing my 3 yr old tell his cousins that there are artificial colors and flavors in the lollipops they were eating. We breastfeed, do extended rear-facing, co-sleep, baby wear, cloth diaper/wipes and we see a chiropractor more than we see a Dr. We also will be homeschooling all of our children.

Krystal Palkovic – Facebook Moderator image

Hello, I’m Krystal! I have one adorable little boy who was born February 2013. I have an amazing husband Ryan, 4 cats and a dog. We just moved to Omaha last August, we previously lived in Southern California. We live in Kennard just outside if Blair. At first the country living was quite a shock but it has grown on me and now I love it (except for the dirt roads!) We moved here so that I could be a stay at home mom. It is by far the most rewarding job in the world, not the easiest, but the most rewarding! Before I was a stay at home mom I worked in Accounting. I love to craft, read, walk, spend time with my family and enjoy the outdoors. I am so thankful that I found OANP when we moved here, it was such a great resource! It helped us find our doula which enabled us to have an amazing natural birth at the birth center, and it was a wealth of knowledge on vaccines, natural remedies, circumcision, breast feeding and more! I believe that our sons should remain intact and we left our son whole. We breast feed, cosleep, babywear, cloth diaper, eat a healthy diet, and always try natural remedies first.